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Title: ***FTX AEC, will mess up UK2000 Airports, PLEASE turn it off.***
Post by: Gary Summons on August 20, 2017, 08:05:29 AM

FTX AEC is a part of "FTX VECTOR". The AEC part will change the height of many airfields without thinking about other developers airports. All UK2000 Airports are made at the SAME height as default scenery, (MS or Lockheed Martin), if that height is changed, then the airfield will be in a cutting or cliff.

You must disable FTX AEC for your addon airports. So run FTX Central and turn them off. OR turn it all off, OR use your scenery Library and turn it off.

For Jersey, its get more complex, as FTX doesn't remember what it installed
Go to \Scenery\World\Scenery from the root directory and rename ADE_FTX_ENG_EGJJ_elevation_adjustment.BGL to ADE_FTX_ENG_EGJJ_elevation_adjustment.old

It's an AEC file that the Vector AEC tool doesn't know is there!