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Author Topic: Add2Scenerycfg.exe process not terminating  (Read 320 times)
Kyprianos Biris

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« on: December 30, 2017, 06:09:00 AM »

I use Process Explorer to see sometimes processes running in background as I launch/run/terminate P3Dv3 in my Windows10.

I notice that Add2Scenerycfg.exe process is not not terminating (unloading) after P3D is shut down when the process is used for a scenery library update I had in that session.
That is, I change something in my Scenery library (add/remove scenery) and in the next session of P3D when P3D loads the Add2Scenerycfg little window pops up with a countdown timer.
That is fine, no problem. My question is why does it not unload from the background in PC's memory when it has completed its job ?

Is that normal ? Should it not terminate when P3D unloads or when it does what it has to do ?

I rebooted, re launched P3D, Add2Scenerycfg.exe was not executed (not needed since no library change) and hence did not show up again.

Kyprianos Biris
Athens, Greece
Gary Summons
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2017, 09:34:37 AM »

 Add2Scenerycfg.exe is only used by the installer alone, it has nothing to do with running of FS, and it shut downs all the time I've used it.  You will find a copy in the products main folder, and is executed at the end of the installer process when you say yes to 'Add to scenery database' It is not called at any other time by any other process.

It should not run in the way you describe, if it does, run a virus scan on your PC, as something may have hijacked the name and using its name as a cover process. You can remove all instance of the "Add2Scenerycfg.exe" files as it only uses once after install.
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